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Healthy Back to School Tips Every Kid Will Love

I can’t believe it’s already that time again. The kiddos are getting ready to head back to school. Morning, noon and night, it’s up to us to help them stay healthy so they function at their fullest. Here are a few easy tips to help keep your family happy and healthy this school year.

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3 Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your Weekend

Most of us spend the entire week looking forward to the weekend (#TGIF) but much of the time we actually end up not making the best of those precious 48 hours. I say it’s time we take a stand and say we will take no more of these counterproductive weekends. Are you ready to reclaim your weekends?  Read more

5 Secrets I Learned at Kombucha Kamp + Bonus Recipe

Kombucha. Ahhh, it’s like a fizzy summer hug in a cup. And that’s what today’s post is all about friends. Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp was a fabulous expert on the Master Your Metabolism Summit in June and discussed kombucha uses and benefits. Hannah has even had the term “the kombucha mamma” coined after her, because she is the kombucha guru.  I recently had the pleasure of spending a Saturday afternoon with Hannah and crew at kamp learning some really cool uses and benefits of kombucha I never knew.  Keep reading for all the details and free bonus recipe.  Read more

Tuesday Tip: Nourish Your Lashes

I know so many women with great lashes. Some are just lucky, while others use latisse or get professionally done extensions. At RNL we recently learned a great all natural beauty tip that will make your lashes look amazing and we’re so excited to share with you!  Read more

The Surprising Reasons to Eat Mushrooms Everyday

I love my local farmers market and one of my favorite stands to visit is the mushroom stand. Maybe it’s because I secretly think they look a bit like alien vegetables and there’s always a fascinating new variety I’m told I must try (admittedly I usually do!)  Mushrooms have so many benefits they really should be called a superfood.  Read on for the top 5 benefits of eating mushrooms in this months functional food spotlight.

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Nutritional Supplements 101

Are supplements necessary? That’s a great question and while its preferred to get nutrients from food, it would likely be cumbersome, expensive and potentially impossible to do without extensive knowledge. With so many on the market it can be tough to sort through the madness and know which are the most important.  Read more

The Potato Salad You’ll Actually Love

So here’s the thing…. I’m really not your typical potato eater, but there comes this time each summer when my CSA box is crammed full of fresh organic potatoes. I’m not one to waste and they taste SO good.  This recipe is just in time for the holiday. It’s easy to make, delicious, and you’ll be giving Aunt Millie a run for her money when you bring this recipe to the family BBQ! No more cold mayonnaise laden potato salad for you my friend.

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Aloe Vera Tricks You’ve Never Tried

Everyone’s favorite summertime remedy with aloe vera is using it topically after being in the sun. But, did you know that aloe vera can heal a variety of other ailments as well?? Here are some ways to use your aloe and keep the medicine cabinet closed!! Read more

Metabolism 101

I love that quote to the left, don’t you?? Most of us truly have no idea how great our body is designed to feel. This is one reason I decided to host and produce the Master Your Metabolism Summit.
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Did You See This???

Have you ever wondered how to boost your metabolism naturally??

Are you tired of spending countless hours in the gym and counting calories only to feel like you’re getting nowhere??

Do you wonder what it would be like to wake up with energy every morning?

Would you love to make it through your day without coffee, sugar cravings and afternoon trips to the vending machine? Read more


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